Timeland A story by Anca Doczi and Cristian Luchian

Tim is a seven years old boy bored of being a child. For this peculiar little boy, nothing is more important than his demanding activity: “THE WAITING to grow up”.

However, one day, Miss Clock would take him to Timeland, directly inside the source of people’s time. Timeland will reveal to Tim as the factory of splitting time in portions and the place where all the clocks in the world can upload time in order to share it to humans. Tim would see his working father in the Mirror of Time or he would try to place some dreams in the Fountain of Desires. But the shifting point would be drawn by the Pointless People, the time thieves. In his fantastic journey, Tim will meet wonderful friends and learn about the value of time, friendship and the beauty of imagination and creativity.

Timeland is a theatrical animation show where puppets and actors meet to create a surprising character composition in a story that is not for children only. The scenography set out of media visual effects, creates a 3D effect screen staged in ‘real life’. Cristian Luchian defined the worlds he created through sparkling imagines and Tyrrell illustrated the sound experience.