Escape Project
by Cristian Luchian & Anca Doczi

ESCAPE PROJECT is an experimental performance where Cristian Luchian uses drama techniques and multimedia arts to reflect upon crossing from one space to another.

The space is placed in multiple contexts, from the reflection of the physical structure to abstracting the virtual medium. The artistic quest is based on observing the existence and the development of the modern Man, exploring how the simple connection to a virtual space becomes a form of escape from your inner self and how the come-back to the concrete reality is a new escape.
By means of interactive narrative design, the audience is enabled to control the actors’ feedback and reactions, is enforced to claim answers. However, the Computer controls both actors and audience with a challenging question that is obsessively repeated:

Are you a wonderful person?

Three ordinary people attend an online beauty contest to discover whether they are the most wonderful person in the world. The real performance space and audience are placed in the ‘online medium’ becoming part of the Computer’s mind, while features of real life are translated into a multimedia installation visible on a wide screen.

Behind their new identities/avatars, the three characters ‘log in’ our world and share the “computer environment” with all the users that are in this case the actual audience.
The ‘Computer’ character engages audience to ask questions that are already designed. The Computer appoints participants for each question. But there is something only the three characters don’t know: their answers are pre-set. Who cares? In the end they are all winners and join the rest of the winners in this online utopia…

Welcome to the ESCAPE PROJECT!
This is an international human beauty contest designed and offered by ESCAPE .
Millions of people in the world have joined this experiment.
Please confirm your updates!
We are here to push the limits of your imagination and creativity.
This is more than really! This is hyperreality. Outside you need a mask. Inside this world is the real you, without masks, without inhibitions. This is your true mirror. We are here to show your real appearance.
Do you want to know which is the real you?
Do you wish to discover your real personality?
Are you the most wonderful person in the world?
We work to give you a world to escape… in.

This test was developed by thousands of psychologists, artists and moral aesthetics officers. Our aim is to find the most wonderful person in the world. Your aim must be finding your true identity.
The questions were carefully chosen to offer you the best image of yourself. During the test you will be asked to read the questions very carefully and to take your time to select the right answer. Remember, you cannot return to the previous question.

Have you taken this test before?
Are you ready
Do you think the choices you have are really yours?