Photographers and Invisible Clowns
by Val Butnaru


‘’Photographers and invisible clowns’’ is a powerful political play about losing identity and hope; a critical investigation of modern Moldova – where Communists and Unionists gave hands to form an unusual political conjunction.
The sad clown – a ridiculous resistance – hopes to save his precious circus with the weapons of sensibility, memory and craft. But there is no one to listen; just a presence ‘compromised’ by the teasing voice of a Happy Clown. The Sad Clown is hunted to give up his resistance and tempted with great political power in exchange for his ‘visibility’.
‘Invisibility’ is translated here by Cristian Luchian in the fault of ethnic and cultural identity that emerges from abandoning the home country. When the last Clown would leave his Circus, the country would be forgotten and the marks of culture erased forever.
After a blind fight with the invisible forces, the Sad Clown receives the ‘power’ to kill himself as an act of revenge and auto destruction. A country with no identity is a ruined country.