Cristian’s new series reflects on the living in between, a concept that has gained significant interest in the intercultural art space of our times. Questions like ‘where home is’ and ‘ where am I’ are being voiced and mediated by his new artwork as a result of the contemporary search for place and identity. Illustrating the eclectic style of today’s cultural production, Cristian invites us to discuss about feelings of belonging, borders and social agency.

The works you can see  presented at the London Salon of Romanian Art are concerned with how tradition and perpetuated values of Romanian identity connect with the extremely urban and multicultural London.
Bringing the past in to the present by aligning side by side his grandmother’s craftwork with materials of his time, Cristian generates a visual celebration of tradition and evolution. His new work is a comment on the union between the organic and synthetic, between the natural and artificial, between the man-made and machine-made.