Contemporary Painting on Fixed Patrimony Objects and Monuments,
2009, 2010,

The awarded project CONTACT I, II / Contemporary Painting on Fixed Patrimony Objects and Monuments, 2009, 2010,  was devised and coordinated by Cristian Luchian and Anca Doczi under the supervision of Culture, Cults and National Cultural Heritage County Arad and Ministry of Culture, Romania.

Three fine artists and a writer took part in an artistic expedition across the county of Arad in order to explore the invaluable immobile patrimony of this historic Romanian territory.
The caravan lasted for ten days while ten monuments were appointed to be referenced in this artistic research. All the monuments included in the circuit are heritage sites of great importance for Romanian culture and history, and all of them need serious restoration.
As a challenge and quest, the artists were supposed to visit one cultural heritage monument a day and to paint in their own style an interpretation of what they saw…No more than one day for each painting. The artists found themselves under pressure, as they had to finish each work until sunset. This quest aimed to raise awareness of the urgency to which the restoration of the sites is subjected to.

The writer followed the artists and created a journey log. In the end, books and posters were printed for the public and tourists, containing thirty paintings and ten stories.
In the next year, another ten monuments were to be painted, another thirty paintings and ten stories to be told.

CONTACT’s aims were to make people aware of the need for the rehabilitation and conservation of the historic monuments and to question the paradigm in which the Romanian heritage is promoted and made visible nationally and internationally.